An effective design creates a sense of hierarchy: what is most important or what is the site is trying to express to the user is the most important elements. An effective design offers functionality so that the client isn’t detoured while trying to fulfill their needs. An effective design also gives a feel of unity as well as variety in order to created something visually interesting for the user while also offering a visual balance with repetition in color elements, designs or page make up based on standard grids.

Grids offer a sense of balance while adjusting the content to accommodate the space used, for example a laptop may have 3 columns of type but a smart phone is more compact and would only be able to support 2 columns of readable content. Grids also offer a sense of understanding to all users because the formula is expected even when adding content that might capture a new user’s eye.

One of the things that I completely took for granted was a design principal that seems to be a knee jerk reaction in theory, however, when testing other people’s wire frames that simple navigation is a huge challenge, especially for visual artists. Where Craigslist does minimalism as a design, other sites like Amazon have a strong search engine to pick up on the products offered. Having a strong core seems to be the key in all successful sites on whether or not they will fail or thrive. Etsy has been in between both worlds of info navigation of content for seller and info navigation of content for buyer.


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