When creating an advanced site map, which is unlike the basic site map, note that it will most likely take up more than one page. The first page of the advanced is a great place to identify any steps required to get the user back to the home page. Following the first page it is time to identify the hierarchy of pages as well as global navigation elements, and footer elements.

The difference between a site map versus task flows is rather simple, a site map organizes the information that will be on a site making it easier to navigate. Such information as the Home page, About page, Samples of work page, Blog pages, Contact pages, and Terms & Conditions would be included on the site map. Task Flow is the actual tasks the user will chose or need to complete such as the process of logging in, going through to make payment being redirected due to an error as well as when they are successful in a task.

It is important to structure content so that users can easily find what they were looking for rather than feeling confused, annoyed or frustrated enough to simply find a different site. Too many choices can clutter up an entire site so structuring content by what most users are interested in would be acknowledging what might be crucial, optional or irrelevant to the user.


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