WIDM241 Blog 2

User groups for projects are defined by figuring out the main types of users for which you will be designing. The target audience, or group will be the focus because they will be the primary users. Conducting research to help define your user groups will also help in define the target audience by planning techniques for the user to participate in research, surveys, and interviews. Primary users are usually potential customers, current customers, partners, and those seeking employment. It is easier to prioritize groups based on the possible impact which can be developed after listing attributes and discussing attributes with employees that have contact with possible target users.

The most challenging research method would be interviews because the user would be influenced by the interviewer, in some way, either in a positive or negative light. It is human nature to evaluate others so having a phone call, video chat, or a face to face interview will color the user’s opinion. With only 1-2 hours of time it is challenging to build a good rapport to get the answers you need without leading the person being interviewed so you may not get all of the pertinent questions answered. If you are able to develop good rapport then the person being interviewed may not want to say anything negative about the company, which makes it difficult to solve issues or improve a product.

After research is completed it’s time to re-evaluate for gaps in research due to a research group that may have been overlooked, revise user definitions and analyze, maybe even revise which user groups you need to focus on then put together the key group missed for a second round of research.

Personas help team members keep in mind who their target audience is and offers ideas that lead team members to create a better experience for someone like the individual represented by the persona. The personas are developed to keep in mind what the client, brand, and project need while giving enough personal information to help team members relate to and humanize the persona so they can determine challenges and make appropriate decisions to benefit the client as well as the users represented by the persona.


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