WDIM241 Blog 1

UX is the User Experience Design while UI is User Interface design. UX design is about identifying strengths and weaknesses. By doing a SWOT analysis the UX designer would be able to identify a client’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Once the SWOT is identified it is far easier to define and implement a clear project to optimize a user’s experience.

The Lean UX approach where the people in organizations were encouraged to fail is something that I believe to be invaluable. In my working process I am so focused on getting things perfect the first time just fearing to fail that I take few chances and therefore lose out on making the product or project better so applying this to my on working process is something that I am learning to apply. In short it’s a continuous process build, learn and grow.

User Interface deals more with making the product or brand more pleasing to the user, often this is when Graphic Design comes in the make it more esthetically pleasing.

The Hueristic Analysis is a way evaluating to get feedback of any problems that a site may have so that they can be fixed. If a user has constant issues with a site, they could become very frustrated, give direct dissatisfied feedback or even simply find the site’s competitor. So the Hueristic Analysis gives a feedback on where the site currently is as far as what it was designed to do. On a positive note, the Analysis also gives an opportunity to define what would be the next improvement and by analyzing competitors’ sites, what someone else is doing better that could be the next step for your site.


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