Life is only amazing when you participate…

ImageHow amazing to be invited to help pull off one the biggest, most amazing nights of the year for over 4,000 people with the most incredible group of people, Red Cube. After the Convention Center passed on this amazing concert 1 week before NYE they pulled off the unthinkable and not only moved the venue while making it almost appear effortless as they accommodated the change by throwing in thousands of dollars for free shuttle service to and from the new venue 15 miles away.


So honored to help with a new addition by getting everyone on board, it started out slow but you could feel the magic grow as we got closer to show time. The energy was amazing as people didn’t have to wait out in the cold, they could jump on the warm shuttles and kept the energy building.

Soon, our fun shuttle shift ended and we headed out to get ready for the concert ourselves, with a little fairy magic and a fairytale theme… this seemed like another adventure of Alice in Wonderland and I… I had an inspiration from being Alice to the White Rabbit which was lovely being surrounded by a dark haired Alice, a joyful Mad Hatter, a beautiful Cheshire Cat amongst the other wonderful characters.

In full sparkle we were whisked away by a pumpkin carriage… alright, a black limo. Though modern, it was still very magical to be surprised by a safe, elegant ride to this magical night. After champagne glass toasts it was time to brave the short walk on the ice and snow to the indoor, warm line of the new venue… then a skip to the short line we were in after a proper check by the awesome staff. The venue was packed full of amazing energy, fabulous people and enjoying a phenomenal music line up…    


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