New Year’s Eve… the beginning.


What an amazing New Year’s Eve! I often feel like Alice visiting Wonderland on some of the best adventures, this year I was inspired by a video of the White Rabbit so I decided that the White Rabbit was the way to go for NYE. Dressed in Qsun creations I wore all white, with the fairy black/white stockings, a black Turkish top, and, of course, a black adventure belt. Oh, one must not forget the sparkling white rabbit ears then I added a little something extra that made me pause every time I passed a mirror, I wore dark green fairy contact lenses. (I must get a camera with a remote so that I can capture pre-event photographs.) I think it took me 3 different days trying to put in one contact! The effect was magical enough to keep me wearing them all night long and luckily a little fairy gave me some pointers on how to take them out. Give me 10 more times and I will be an expert.




This photos was at the end of the night, technically 1/1/13 but I normally have very light hazel (blue/green) eyes and have always wanted dark eyes… I love modern magical inventions.




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