It’s that time of year when fairy lights twinkle in every tree, little fairy homes are filled with about thrice the sparkle as usual and you hear joyful music everywhere. This little fairy is busy making up gifts for all the loved ones on my list. I have noticed that the gifts that I make always seem to outlast purchased gifts which makes artistic fairies glow even brighter knowing that all the love that goes into handmade treasures are cherished so. Much too early for baking or it won’t last the season but it is time to share in the joy of friendship and family. 


This little fairy family went to the tree farms and had a delightful time. It took only moments to find the perfect tree but will take maybe a week or two to decorate. There are always details…if we didn’t enjoy it so much it would probably be done in a split second but then again, making ornaments is too too fun. The hard part is picking out which ones to do and let me tell you, Pinterest only makes the possibilities even more endless. Eeep! Pixie Pinterest Addict, oh yeah. 

Check out all the up coming fun here.




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