Proper Flight Accessory and “Liquor”

What a fabulous weekend coming off of a delightful Thanksgiving.

 My little Etsy shop is growing and I am absolutely delighted as it takes so much to create beautiful work but then it’s simply the beginning because you have to share it so that others can find it…

Sometimes though, I make a little something for me. I bought a festival belt a few years ago because fairies have a very difficult time flying with a purse over their shoulder. I mean, really… just think about how it all get’s messed up when you take flight, if you catch the wrong wind than you start flying all willie-nillie and the next then you know you are getting pulled over for flying after too many absinthe which can be very frustrating when you haven’t even had so much as a thimbleful at the dancing ring… if you have even made it there yet.



Festival belts are very important, the one I purchased years ago has been loved for a long time and shows it. I learned a lot from this belt, like how truly uncomfortable hard leather belts are, especially any time you are seated. I have crafted several of my own design that I have in my Etsy shop in soft but durable materials. Sometimes you will catch me wearing my prototype but honestly I find it to be a little too valuable to wear constantly and the color doesn’t always match so I wear my old black, hard leather one. Of course, I couldn’t wear it as I purchased it… honestly far too boring for me but as a tool it worked so what’s a fairy to do? Oh yeah, sparkle time!



Honestly, I had so much fun just adorning my belt that I wish I had a little goblin friend to do the basic part of the belt and then turn it over to me for the fairy magic. Of course, the center sparkle ring at the center back, then all the dripping sparkles, but I also added the essential business card holder, a tiny black whistle in case you get caught in a wind storm and end up stuck in a tree as well as a couple of leather strings that always come in handy to hold onto water bottles or your grog mugs. All in all, a very nice utility that I often get compliments for but one of the best features of all these belts besides holding a fairy coin or two is that when you do get to the fairy ring the adornments shine as you shimmy in time.



One of my favorite moments was being drawn into this Blue Monk in Portlandia and not being able to resist the laughter and music coming from beneath the ground. I followed the music and laughter down stairs (irresistible to fairies). What an absolute delight to dance the night away to this amazing local band, “Liquor.” I don’t believe a single person or fairy was able to sit still for long without taking a twirl around the dance floor. When the perfect shimmy song begins, one cannot help but start the belly dance happy dance – the shimmy. What a fabulous treat to be invited on stage to shimmy to the Liquor band’s song… that’s exactly how you make a fairy shimmy more and you can imagine all the sparkles were flying! What incredible friends and an amazing band. To top off their performance, I flew away with a free band shirt! I love earning free souvenirs, it makes it so much better to always see it and remember the fun you had. Thank you, Liquor!


After taking a few shots of my belt I am thinking this piece needs some more fairy magic, I may have to update…

Hee hee, well, it was a lovely adventure but now it’s time to make more sparkly things.

Follow your Bliss and let your dreams take flight. ❤




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