Enlighten the Fairy Ring

Great dinner conversation at the fairy stools tonight. So… being an artist fairy I love love LOVE getting my hands on anything creative. I will try anything once and may go back for elevensies. So it has come up that in my humble fairy beginnings I painted four fairy elements. I adore the fairy & human form. Oh, how I loved using real leaves & dirt that are forever on canvas… my fairy cousin reminds me of this as her favorite piece and wonders why I do not display it in my castle for I have certainly never sold it (how can you offer treasures that you hide… the piece being 4 canvas elements exploration).

Now with my little prince in the home I have never proudly posted simply because of the exposed breasts of some of the pieces… then came the discussion tonight (based on society), this would be a beautiful representation of the lovely goddess that is the female fae but it is not so favorably accepted in traditional society based on the location of our fairy ring. Over seas, where art has historically fought so much longer to be accepted this is just a beautiful thing that you have had the privilege of witnessing since your first pure baby laugh (how the fairy is born).

Is this taboo? I am wondering when might be the best time to reach across to our Euro Fae and incorporate for proper enlightenment?




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