Transcend into dark sparkle fancy pants

Star Fairy Date: November 14, 2012

Well, here I am again… big stretch after very wonderful bellydance rehearsal with some of my beautiful dance sisters. I was very excited tonight to bring a couple of pieces I have been working on that will be adorning a lovely red headed goddess this Sunday at Transcend. The first piece was an adjustment of some fancy tribal pants. These were fun, I took the soft stretchy cotton/poly blend that she gave me, added a lace layer at the bottom (as there was just not enough material to do the full pant panels and who doesn’t love layers of decadent lace?)  There added feather, sparkle button and lace additions for these pants which I made removable for fancy vs. rehearsal wear but I only got pics of the rehearsal style without the additions, hopefully I will have some follow up photos.




Because I love the Victorian/Steampunk feel I have been into stripes for a couple of years now, however, as a fellow dancer I know that there is some serious floor work in her future so when I had to add some fairy sparkle to this piece I couldn’t forget comfort. These fancy pants have the signature sparkle of fairy magic under lace for subtle elegance… originally I wanted 3 stripes on each leg panel but I can feel the pain of kneeling on a sparkly… can you? Two sparkle stripes it is! Flirty fun, fairy style. Oh, and the twirl… you cannot forget the twirl and these twirl with sparkle flair.

I cannot wait to see these Sunday! There will be a lovely layer added but you got the sneak peak at what’s underneath. 


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