Custom Black Panel Skirt for Transcend

Each morning I try to start off with a workout, something to really warm up the body, spine, stretch the wings… dance does that. I never have been a coffee person, I mean really, it smells like the Bog of Eternal Stentch and people drink it then guess how their breath smells?  A morning workout far surpasses the need for caffeine and completely gives you the feel that you can take on the day without the Stentch hanging around.


After a morning workout, drinking the rest of your water bottle, taking a quick shower comes the bonus when you down a power-fuel green juice for breakfast. I remember the first time I tried them and I thought gnawing on a troll’s foot would taste better… hmmm… maybe this is how coffee people start out.


So you keep trying different recipes until you find a few you actually enjoy, but why keep trying after the whole trolls foot thing? Well, I will let you in a little secret… the green juice rush, yeah, baby! It’s about 5-15 min after your first sip you literally feel all the glittery fairy dust in your veins start to seriously sparkle up and then the energy woo-hoo! No need to catch a hummingbird to try to drain their essence, not that I would… I am a good fairy. 


Now that I am powered up, wings clean and sparkling from the inside out here is today’s stitchery. A custom piece ordered for Transcend this Sunday. Was so happy with her reaction and she I should make more to sell in my Etsy store… hmmm…


So this is a panel skirt made out of black stretch, crushed velvet with a very subtle stripe and sequins.


This panel skirt is a layering skirt with 2 overlap slits all the way up to about 2 inches from waist which close when standing straight. This skirt is adorned with 2 long black beaded tassels located at the slit openings that flirt and twirl while you dance. This will be elegantly beautiful in action Sunday and ever after.

What a day to follow your bliss… ❤


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